About Us

What if you initially sank the ball in the hole in 4-5 strokes and now do it in 1-2 strokes, along with different shot-shaping techniques? 

Though it sounds like ideal conditions, many golfers, after consistent practice in the right direction, have achieved this feat.

It’s your thirst to do better, and we at Golf Gearz will help you transform your dreams into reality! 

Who Are We? 

In 2009, a group of enthusiastic-skilled golfers tried to help everyone juggle playing golf and choosing the right equipment.

They realized that there are numerous myths, wrong practices, and puzzling golf strategies that make the game challenging for newbies. Guess what? 

We are that team of golfers who have coached several novice golfers to become exuberant veterans, and some have also gone to the PGA.

Right from how to grip a golf club to executing the correct swing, avoiding shanks, to shot shaping, we have a venture to suggest the working methods simply. 

How Do We Help? 

There is a stigma that you require years to be an average player in golf. However, that isn’t true. We at Golf Gearz, being players ourselves, are aware of which gaps to bridge to play par excellence. 

Once you achieve consistency in swings and start your journey towards lower scores, being a hardcore golfer, I would love to try different strategies of swinging as well. 

Here’s where we would guide you with shot-shaping as well. We aim to bring out your exemplary golf-playing skills and the fun that the game procures for you. 

Golf is no less than a maze where there are multiple paths; not all lead you towards the finish line; some are merely to confuse and deviate you from your goals.

We understand this problem beginners face due to multiple myths surrounding the sport, but we will act as your guiding light. Thus, we will lead you smoothly to the finish line. 

Besides, amongst the plethora of brands, varieties, and pricey equipment of golf, choosing the one that is apt for you is a daunting task.

We would also guide you with that since many go for expensive golf clubs or renowned brands without knowing the ins and outs. 

With time, newer brands emerge, and the existing ones even introduce advanced equipment; everything has pros and cons.

Our expert team is curious to try them and, hence, share an honest review for it as well. 

Here’s where we would help: 

Mastering Golf from Tip-To-Toe: How-To Play Guides 

Right from hitting a golf ball for chipping, putting, and even the various swinging styles will help you score lower. Thus, you can witness your journey from high-handicap to low-handicap in golf. 

Moreover, many of you don’t know golf terminologies as well, too. Our guide will help by explaining everything simply. 

Choosing the Right Equipment: Golf Gear Reviews 

Amongst the vast range of golf gears, all in various styles and variants, knowing which one suits you is complex!

We will help you with choosing the right equipment and even sharing honest reviews about how the gear is in reality. 

Know the Most Underrated Hacks: Tips and Tricks To Excel Golf 

The golf industry has undergone several breakthroughs with topography changes in golf courses and newer trends.

Amidst such changes, we would help you to become familiar with them and tips and tricks with which you can perform better. 

How Far Have We Come? 

From being a novice golfer to mastering the sport with more significant challenges, we have made our way with consistency and dedication.

After practicing the wrongs and being aware of the correct strategies, we have lived our journey from skilled golfers to coaches. 

Now, we do play in our spare time, but we even help spread our teachings via writing as it’s a convenient manner, and you can understand in less time.


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