Our Editorial Process

There are no confined playing methods of golf, and neither are the rules of sports such that they can help you with how you can play it. Here’s where we guide you with the best practices, and we aren’t random freaks who pick stuff from the internet for views. Instead, our editorial process consists of several systematic stages curated by experts who are actually into it. 

Subject-Matter Expert Writers

We have Subject Matter Expert writers who have been golf players and coaches. While playing golf for recreational purposes, these unveil their talent to the tournament level. Thus, with expertise and a comprehensive amount of experience, we share precious content to ease you through your golf journey.

Editorial Team 

Our editorial team consists of golf experts, coaches, panelists, expert product testers, and others. These cohesively work together to provide the best. There does exist a subcategory of experts with the same level of professionals who test the efficacy of products and guides with their level of expertise. 

Fact Check

We do have a team of subject matter experts who check everything to review its accuracy, errors, and mistakes, as humans, like typists, can make mistakes. Sometimes, glitches do affect the content. False facts can affect the quality; hence, our fact-checking team comes into the picture. 

Besides, they check if the information and gear requirements specializations meet the latest trends and criteria.

Diverse Voices 

Our commitment to provide you with the most actionable, practical, and straightforward approach guides doesn’t come easy. Moreover, we need to make it easy for you. Hence, we work together as a team with diverse Voices. 

There are several people involved in this venture that range from golfers of varied skill levels fact checks, which are against plenty of golfers, photographers, illustrators, and sports writers to idealize the knowledge apart from expert sources, all of whom help us! 

Irrespective of their race, religion, body type, sexuality, or other factors, we take pride in working with the best talents with experience and expertise. 

Review Board

Our review board at Golf Gearz consists of varied professionals like PGA golfers. These different skill-level golfers covered the news, physical trainers, and editors to simplify the ideas that our writers document. They all work in cohesion to provide you with the most practical yet actionable guides and to avoid misleading you. 

For each type of golf content, there are different golf-based reviews whose experience and expertise are well-aligned to the content category. They would verify the information presented in light of other golfers and an editor present. 

Whenever a reviewer suggests improvements, it passes through our 7-step review stage, where it’s modified and re-checked to identify if there are still any bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Unless each piece of content is approved by all the reviewers present on the team, our virtual assistants don’t publish anything.