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13 Amazing Benefits Of Playing Golf That You Might Not Know!

Author: Larissa Allard

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

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I have been a golf player for many years and am highly addicted to the game, spending hours daily on the golf course. However, my friends don’t understand my addiction and feel I waste time.

In recent years, my friends have always been asking me why I indulge in the game so much.

With a burgeoning quest of why it keeps my mind and heart happy, I have jotted down the benefits of playing golf, which you must know!


  • Golf boosts stamina, burns calories, enhances flexibility, and improves cardiovascular health.
  • Playing golf in a peaceful environment can do wonders for your mental being, helping to alleviate stress and sharpen your focus.
  • Golf helps shape your character through values such as honesty, patience, respect, self-discipline, and self-control.
  • Golf lets you connect with new people, strengthen your relationships, enjoy the beauty of nature, and much more.

If you too think that playing Golf is a waste of time, then here are the ten benefits that you must know, which are as follows:

1. Good Exercise

Exercise is essential for maintaining physical fitness. So, why not play a sport to exercise while enjoying the game? Compared to other sports, golf is not as exhausting physically. 

Playing golf is a good exercise that is associated with multiple health benefits. You’ll have to walk around the course for at least 3-4 miles and make swinging motions, which are low-impact cardiovascular exercises.

It will help improve your stamina and burn some calories. Moreover, the swinging motions will help you enhance the flexibility and coordination of your body. 

2. Mental Wellness

Sports bring multiple mental benefits to players. Golf is played on courses with ample greenery and a peaceful environment that helps relax the mind.

When you play in the fresh air with a beautiful landscape around you, it will get you to relieve your stress and enjoy the moment.

Also, your goal is to put the golf ball in the hole with the slightest chance that requires focus. So, golf will help you improve your concentration, where you can visualize lining your shots. 

Moreover, like other sports, golf helps to gain self-control under pressure situations that will improve your overall mental health.

3. Build Character 

Players often come across opposing situations in a sport, but when they deal with it, they learn to tackle other challenges in life.

For instance, you may face a day when your shots don’t go as planned, and you incur penalties. In such situations, you may deal with pressure by relaxing and trying again.

When you learn to deal with things that don’t go as planned, you will build your character. Therefore, the next time you face pressure or challenges at work, you will be better prepared to solve them.

Here are multiple ways in which golf will help you build your character:

  • Being Honest 
  • Being Patient 
  • Being Respectful
  • Self-discipline 
  • Self-control 

4. Improves Your Health

You have already read about the mental and physical benefits of playing golf. Given these factors, we can say that playing golf improves your health.

When you engage in physical movements while taking shots and enjoy yourself in a peaceful outdoor environment, it will have a positive impact on your health. 

Alongside, when you play on open golf courses, you get Vitamin D by playing under the sun, boosting your immune system. Further, a healthy immune system will prevent you from illnesses.

5. Fewer Chances Of Serious Illnesses 

You are more likely to experience severe injuries like sprains and muscle pulls in sports like football and cricket which would impact your work life and well-being. However, you may not face these problems in golf. 

Although every physical activity comes with a certain level of risk, the risk of injuries in golf is lower compared to other sports.

There are rarely any chances of injuries while playing golf as it does not require much physical exhaustion.

Therefore, it won’t interfere with your work or other tasks. Further, you can wear your kit while playing golf to avoid additional physical strain.

6. Meet New People

Indeed, golf is not a team sport but can help you meet new people. Golf is played on golf courses that multiple players commonly occupy.

Plus, you will have candice and competitors in the game. Overall, it is an excellent opportunity to make new friends.

Meeting New People

Additionally, you can organize golf sessions with your friends and family members to improve your relationships with them. In this way, golf helps to strengthen the sense of belongingness. 

In this way, golf helps to:

  • Get rid of loneliness 
  • Decreases chances for depression
  • Improves memory 
  • Makes you happy
  • Help you live longer 

7. Suitable For All Ages 

It is said that sports are only meant for young people between 18 and 38, but golf has no particular age limit for players. People of all ages can enjoy it, unlike other sports. 

So, whether you are a youngster or a senior citizen, golf can always be your sport. Additionally, the physical exhaustion level in golf is less, which won’t trouble your body much. 

8. Spend Time With Nature 

You might wonder why spending time with nature is beneficial, but it is an important aspect we have overlooked in our busy urban lives.

Girl Enjoying Nature While In Golf Course

Golf courses are in beautiful landscapes between fields or mountains, offering ample space.

These spaces have a well-maintained environment with a green cover, trees, and fresh air. This can help you improve your mood and get a sense of calmness and relaxation. 

9. Get Better Sleep 

Earlier, getting a good sleep was not that difficult. However, the complex lives have made it difficult for people to get adequate sleep.

For this reason, people often try different methods or treatments to achieve quality sleep.  

As we have said, golf is a low-impact exercise. However, golfers need to walk at least 3 to 4 miles, which can cause muscle fatigue and general tiredness.

Additionally, engaging in an activity in a fresh-air environment reduces stress and improves sleep quality. 

10. Comparatively Easy To Learn

If you are a busy professional and can’t take the time to learn a new sport, then golf is a good alternative.

Golf has a simple gameplay compared to other sports and does not require much equipment.

Also, paid golf courses are affordable to learn golf quickly without spending much. Moreover, you can rent golf courses and equipment to make things easier.

So, you can start playing golf more rapidly without disturbing your regular schedule.

11. Improves Business Relationships 

Several entrepreneurs play golf during weekends. Thus, you can organize and participate in fruitful golf games to establish and improve business relationships.

Besides, the meeting would lead to new ideas, enhance productivity, and provide better collaboration networking. 

12. Excuse To Travel

Lavish resorts and hotels worldwide have magnificent golf courses for people to enjoy. So, when you are an avid golfer, you would cherish visiting and playing over different golf courses.

Here’s where you would even get an excuse to travel and escape the chaos of a dull life.

13. Challenge Yourself 

Golf is a game of intelligent brains. To excel in the game, you must focus and concentrate.

Besides, to ace the game, players have an upskilling attitude, and they challenge themselves to do something better each day.

Thus, by indulging in golf to master it, you challenge yourself every day, which improves your intellect and skills.

Summing Up

If you were wondering why people play golf, you would have got your answer. There are several mental and physical health benefits associated with playing sports that will improve your overall health.

In addition, it will improve your sleep and help you build your character. Whether young or old, golf is suitable for all ages and easy to learn.

Furthermore, it will help you meet new people and make business relationships. Given these benefits, you now have reasons to start playing golf now.

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Larissa Allard

Larissa has been a flamboyant golfer since the raw age of 8. With her savvy mind and keen observation skills, she mastered the sport faster than anyone else could. Larissa has always been eloquent with writing and is a graduate of Creative Writing from the University of California, San Diego. Being a golf player for 16 years and a professional golfer for 8 years, she's adapt and has coached many amateur golfers as well.


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