Unbiased Review Of Callaway Edge Golf Clubs

Callaway Edge Review: Should You Buy This Club Set In 2024?

Author: Larissa Allard

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

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Golf clubs are way more than equipment to play golf. The type of club you have, and its design significantly determines your gameplay.

Hence, choosing a golf club is not an easy feat but a daunting task as there are several factors to consider. These include forgiveness, loft, shaft, and more.

Besides, you would even find similar options that make your purchase difficult. Since it’s a hefty investment that decides your gameplay, I have carefully tested and presented the detailed Callaway Edge review.

As you would find similar options, you will get a precise idea about its comparison with other kits.

What’s Included In The Callaway Edge Set?

The Callaway Edge golf clubs consist of 10 clubs, which are excellently designed as per their type. Hence, I call it a “full-fledged golf club set.”

All 10 Clubs That Comes In Callaway Edge Set

It consists of the following clubs:

  • Titanium Silver
  • 3-Wood
  • 5-Hybrid
  • 4 Cavity Back Irons (6-9 irons)
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter with SuperStroke grip

It is a great value-for-money purchase as the type of Driver and Putter that comes in it are of good quality, which is greatly expensive otherwise.

Callaway Edge Set Review: The Detailed Comparison

Callaway Golf Clubs are meticulously engineered to make them more forgiving. Hence, it minimizes the impact of your negative shots, and you can successfully swing. 

Besides, its comfortable grips give you greater control over the club throughout the game without chronic pain or callousness. If you are thinking of looks, then it does have a stylish headcover as well. 

Therefore, these are an excellent option for beginners and high-handicaps, followed by pesky issues like not having a bag and more.

Yet, do you want careful consideration so you don’t regret your purchase? Well, continue reading to know my experience with it!

The Callaway Edge Driver

The Callaway Edge Driver helps you to increase your swing speed as it has a normal-sized head made up of lightweight titanium, which serves the purpose. 

Besides, it is lightweight and has a graphite shaft. This enables slow swingers to cover greater distances easily.

Close Up Image Of The Callaway Edge Driver's Clubhead
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

On top of that, its low Center of Gravity helps the ball to projectile higher. However, it has a loft of 10.5 degrees, which is pretty good, but I have seen beginners starting from scratch often need extra loft. 

Yet, if you are a quick grasper, this loft would suit you, and if you don’t need something exceptional as a beginner, you are good to go!  

The Callaway Edge Driver has impressive looks, which are a feast to the eyes, and its performance is suitable for noobs and even high handicaps.

Callaway Edge 3 Wood

Well, I find Callaway Edge’s 3 Wood as the ideal club for your game with its perfect design. You must be thinking, why? 

Well, 3 wood is easier to swing, and you can correctly target your shots in the right direction due to its low center of gravity.

Close Up Image Of The Callaway Edge 3 Wood
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

Plus, you would have faced deviation in your shots otherwise. But this club keeps your swings straight due to its perimeter.

Since it has a lightweight shaft, this is also easier to control and perfect to begin and continue with!

Callaway Edge Hybrid

Do you love to hit longer shots? Well, it doesn’t matter if that’s the case, but in usual circumstances, the game demands so!

Close Up Image Of The Callaway Edge Hybrid
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

Here’s where its Hybrid has greater forgiveness so that you can approach the green effortlessly. It’s the contemporary alternative to the conventional long irons.

The 5 Hyrbid contains 25 degrees loft and a sleek and impressive look.

Callaway Edge Iron Reviews

Callaway Edge irons consist of a series of irons, which include 6,7,8 and 9 irons, along with Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge. It is easier to swing, and with less effort, your ball rises higher in the air. 

Further, it has forgiving clubfaces, and hence, it won’t the shot even if it doesn’t hit the exact center of the clubface.

Close Up Image Of The Callaway Edge Iron's Clubhead
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

Slight deviations are acceptable as they won’t cause you to lose distance or accuracy with your swings. 

However, its irons aren’t as forgiving as that of other premium clubs like TaylorMade SIM Max, yet considerably better than the older ones, which are poorly designed.

Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

One of the most striking features of the Callaway Edge set is that it contains an Odyssey White Hot Pro putter. Pro golfers in the PGA tours use this putter to level up their professional game.

Close Up Image Of The Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

In contrast, most other golf clubs have basic and plain putters. These offer greater stability; hence, it’s a rescue if you have trouble with putting. This includes especially pushing/pulling on highly challenging 3,4-foot putts. 

The Odyssey White Hot Putter thus sets the Callaway Edge golf club over an extra mile than most others!

Callaway Edge Golf Set Pros And Cons

Nothing is perfect, and exceptions do exist. Therefore, like every coin with two sides, things have pros and cons. 

Let’s hop over a quick review of the significant advantages and disadvantages associated with the Callaway Edge golf set.

Forgiving: Most of its clubs are greatly forgiving, making it apt for novice and veteran players. Therefore, for accuracy, you don’t need to hit the perfect center of the clubface.Other brands in this category offer greater distance for beginners: Beginners usually look for clubs that help their ball travel greater distance and speed. However, other brands in the category do provide more distance and speed. 
Improves Swing: Its design, including a low center of gravity and lightweight graphite shaft, helps to have greater control over the swing. Thus, it creates a significant improvement.Difficult to Buy: Most clubs aren’t available in stores, making buying challenging. Amazon and eBay are the sole options then! 
Budget-Friendly: Comparing its design, quality, and engineering, the Callaway Edge golf set is quite budget-friendly and provides value.
Incredible Design: The Callaway Edge golf set has a sleek matte black finish, which renders a good appearance and reduces glare. Besides, it is easier to clean as well. 

Who Should Buy Callaway Edge 10 Piece Set?

If you are starting with golf or are a veteran player, Callaway Edge Golf Clubs are a suitable choice for you under pocket-friendly prices.

It had forgiving clubs and designs that matched common user preferences. Yet, you can tailor it to your needs!

Shaft Design Of Callaway Edge Golf Set

The golf club set of Callaway Edge has graphite shafts in the Woods. This lightweight design with a comfortable grip helps you perform better even if you swing slowly. 

Further, as they have regular flex, these are suitable for mid-high handicappers.

Will Callaway Edge Golf Shafts Suit Beginners?

The shafts of the Callaway golf set work for most beginners. But those who play it for the first time or if you want to hit with a 7-iron to a distance of more than 170 years, then stiffer shafts suit.

Yet many of you aren’t able to hit with a 7-iron even up to 95 years; therefore, its graphite shafts will work.

Therefore, Callaway Edge clubs well for distances between 95-170 yards. Besides, its shafts are flexible, which avoids slicing.

Does Callaway Edge Golf Set Have Any Drawbacks?

There aren’t any significant drawbacks to the Callaway Edge golf clubs. From beginners to pros, these are a great deal considering the price and forgiveness. Further, you can customize it as per your preferences. 

But if you have a reasonable budget, going for Ping G410 or TaylorMade SIM Max is apt without the custom fitting requirement.

Further, it is a standard golf set, so if your height is longer or shorter than usual, it won’t suit you, provided you go for a custom fitting.

Though the kit has 11 golf clubs sufficient for playing, for an extra edge, it doesn’t have an additional wedge.

Comparison Of Callaway Edge With Similar Options In The Category

There are various golf clubs set similar to Callaway Edge. Choosing one is difficult; hence, I have carefully reviewed and compared it with different options.

Callaway Edge vs Cobra F-Max

The Cobra F-Max has a driver, fairway wood, and hybrids designed to reach longer distances. Besides, it is carefully engineered to increase ball speed, and beginners can adapt to it better. 

One of the remarkable features includes a more prominent sweet spot, which helps with greater forgiveness with off-center hits.

Besides, these features even help you prevent slices, and its driver is recommended for slow swingers. 

But with greater benefits, it’s more robust than the Callaway Edge.

Callaway Edge vs Cobra Fly-XL

Cobra Fly-XL is a bit expensive yet is more customizable, especially if you are a novice. There are different shaft types available from which you can choose golf clubs.

Besides, its irons have two variations: graphite and steel shafts, and you can go for the one you need. 

Yet, in terms of build and performance, the Callaway Edge is similar to it. However, more customizations aren’t available in the latter, which makes Fly-XL for those who want to design it as per your needs.

Callaway Edge vs Callaway Strata

Just like Callaway Edge, Callaway Strata is another option for beginners. The latter is more flexible and has variants of 12, 14, and 16 clubs, while Callaway Edge doesn’t offer it. 

Callaway Edge is elegant and has a soft yet firm and robust touch. Besides, its Hyrbid is better than that of Strata hybrid.

Though both have their pros and cons, you can choose one which meets your requirements.

Callaway Edge vs Tour Edge HL/Bazooka

The Tour Edge has various variations available, including 270, 470, HL 3, and HL 4, which compete with Callaway Edge. The former is more suitable for beginners and high handicappers. 

However, it suffers from a significant drawback. The putters of Tour Edge aren’t as versatile as Callaway Edge’s.

The latter features an Odyssey White Hot putter. Further, talking about other clubs, both have similar designs.

The Bottom Line

Callaway Edge Golf Set reviews are primarily positive. It’s a good option for beginner and mid-high handicappers. Greater forgiveness, graphite shafts, and affordability make it a never-regret purchase. 

However, its driver has a little less loft, and hence, those who find it difficult to play golf shouldn’t go for it if they have a reasonable budget.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter adds a feather to the cap of the set, making it one of the most value-for-money purchases.


Does Callaway Edge come with a bag?

No, the Callaway Edge doesn’t have a bag.

Are Callaway Edge Worth It?

Yes, Callaway Edge is worth the price for beginners and high handicaps due to their forgiveness.

Are Callaway Edge Clubs Forgiving?

Yes, Callaway Edge clubs are forgiving, and this is apt for golfers who need greater accuracy.

Are Callaway Edge Golf Clubs Any Good?

Callaway Edge golf clubs are a good option for beginners and high handicaps.

Is Callaway Edge Good For Beginners?

Yes, Callaway Edge is suitable for beginners due to its forgiveness and affordability. However, its driver has less loft, which more beginners don’t prefer.

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