How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh

How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh? The Complete Breakdown

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Updated: Jan 7, 2024

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Whenever taking your golf cart out on rough terrains, you would be curious to know how easily the cart moves in such regions.

Besides, even if you are going out with your friends in the cart and don’t know whether the cart can bear this weight, you would want to know the weight.

Here’s where you would be searching about how much does a golf cart weigh and hence, I have covered you all with it! 

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

A golf cart usually weighs between 800 and 1100 pounds, yet several factors influence it. 

The aspects which affect the weight of your golf cart include: 

  • Golf cart’s battery weight 
  • Size of the cart 
  • Fuel type: Electric or Gas 
  • Accessories in your golf cart 

Regardless of whether you have added customizations or the manufacturer has added them, the weight can increase beyond the boundaries in such situations. 

How Much Is An Electric Golf Cart Weight? 

You would have heard that electric golf carts weigh less than gas carts, yet you might seem strange if you have used one.

However, it’s true. Electric golf carts weigh lesser than gas ones only if they don’t have batteries installed in them. 

In contrast, electric golf carts with batteries weigh more than gas carts. The latter usually weighs around 800 pounds, whereas the former weighs between 900 and 1100 pounds in the presence of a battery. 

How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add To Electric Golf Cart?

The heavier your golf cart is, the more troublesome it will be to take it uphill. Sometimes, it even becomes difficult to ride on rough terrains. Hence, you should know the weight that the batteries will add. 

The weight of batteries differs according to their voltages and the manufacturer. These batteries are available at 6, 8, or 12 volts.

However, thinking that batteries with more volts would weigh more or vice versa is wrong.

The exact specification is listed with the battery when you purchase. Hence, you should choose accordingly.

Which Factors Affect Golf Cart Weight?

As mentioned earlier, various factors affect the weight of a golf cart despite the standard range being 800-1000 pounds.

Yet, four things hold vital importance.

Let’s dig into the details! 

1. Brand, Model, and Specifications 

There are various brands of golf carts, with the most prominent being Yamaha, Club Xarz Polaris, and E-Z-Go. These use different materials, including alloys, steel, plastic, and PVC.

Sometimes, the material depends upon the company, while other times, it is according to your model specification. 

Moreover, amongst these, some materials are lighter while others are heavier. Hence, brand and model make a difference in the golf cart weight. 

2. Accessories & Modifications

Just like your vehicles, you would also want the maximum output and excellent performance with golf carts.

However, even the manufacturer would have added some specifications to enhance the output. 

Some instances include using heavier or better tires, a high-power engine, or similar.

Therefore, in case of such modifications or using any accessories, these contribute to the cart weight. 

Walking more or putting in more tremendous effort while driving a cart is also good for your health. So, avoid making such tweaks to refine performance. 

3. Seats

The number of seats does make a significant difference to your golf cart’s weight.

For instance, if you have a two-seater cart with storage compared to a four-seater cart, these factors influence the cart’s weight. 

4. Luggage

The more stuff you accommodate in the golf cart, the heavier it will become.

Whether golf clubs or other equipment, it would contribute to overall cart weight. Hence, you must emphasize having only equipment in the cart. 

What Is The Golf Cart Weight Limit for Cargo and Passengers?

You would find the golf cart’s purpose in Cargo or passenger needs. This especially happens if you compete in a tournament or own a golf course. 

In such a scenario, always abide by the golf cart weight limit. It’s because a lot of luggage or plenty of passengers would slow down and can even harm the performance. Usually, a golf cart seat can bear up to 200 lbs in each. 

Below are the details of how much weight a golf cart can handle.

  • 2-seater: 400-550 lbs
  • 4-seater: approx 800 lbs
  • 6-seater: up to 1500 lbs
  • 2-seater with luggage: 800-1200 lbs

Dry Weight Vs Curb Weight 

While looking at a golf cart’s specifications, you would have seen Dry and Curb weights and must be looking for their differences.

The Dry weight is the heaviness of the cart without accessories, battery, and such stuff.

In contrast, when a golf cart has accessories, batteries, and similar stuff, its weight is called the Curb weight. 

Different Golf Cart Weights According to Capacity

Golf cart weights show many differences due to factors influencing the total weight.

Electric golf carts usually weigh more than gas carts due to the batteries they have! Electric ones can contain between 4 and 6 battery cells, increasing their weight. 

Below-mentioned is a list of details about how much these vary regarding Club car: 

  • 2 Seater – Gas: A two-seater gas golf cart weighs around 674 pounds. 
  • 2 Seater- Electric: An electric golf cart weighs around 975 pounds. 
  • 4 Seater – Gas: An electric golf cart with 4 seats weighs around 875 pounds. 
  • 4 Seater – Electric: An electric golf cart weighs around 1125 pounds. 
  • 6 Seater – Gas: The gas-powered golf cart weighs around 1101 pounds. 
  • 6 Seater – Electric: A six-seater golf cart running on electricity weighs nearly 1429 pounds. 

How Much Weight Does A Golf Cart Tow?

Golf carts can weigh approximately 1000 pounds. This is a general limit for most of the carts rest depends upon the engine, the kind of terrain, and the weight of the golf cart.

Hence, while towing your golf cart, consider the weight limits. 

How To Tow A Golf Cart? 

To tow a golf cart, you must first know its weight and whether the flatbed truck or trailer can tolerate its weight.

Further, you can even use a pickup truck to tow the golf cart. Every towing vehicle does have a limit on the golf cart’s dimensions and weight it can handle. 

The Bottom Line 

If you were looking for how much does a golf cart weigh, then you would have got your answer.

Its weight lies in the range of 800 to 1100 pounds. Yet these depend upon many factors, including the model and specifications, batteries, accessories, type of fuel, and similar. 

Whenever checking the weight of a golf cart, know whether it is dry or curb weight.

The former is when the batteries and other accessories aren’t included, while the latter implies the weight, including batteries and other customizations. 

Moreover, these affect how easily you can ride your cart and its performance. Therefore, consider the golf weight accordingly.

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