How Fast Do Golf Carts Go

How Fast Do Golf Carts Go

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Updated: Feb 22, 2024

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When you have a crucial golf tournament in the upcoming time and realize an urgent work date has clashed, and it’s suddenly after the match, you might be bothered! You then know that the places are not much farther away. 

So, consider traveling in your golf cart for convenience and pace. But things like its speed, whether you can drive it on the road, and such factors come into the picture. Here’s where you would be searching for how fast golf carts go, and this is where I have covered you all! 

Besides, if it happens repeatedly, you can get a clear picture of how to increase its speed, whether it’s allowed or similar. Therefore, let’s dig into the details!


  • Golf carts can go at least 4 mph and a maximum of up to 25 mph.
  • Golf carts can go faster with slight upgrades like bigger tires and speed chip codes.
  • The highest speed for a golf cart is 120 miles per hour. Hard to believe but that’s true.

How Fast Do Golf Carts Go Average Speed

If you have not modified your golf cart, its average speed is 12 to 14 miles per hour. Some models and types vary, like being a bit faster or slower. Yet, 12-14 mph is the usual average speed.

Besides, it is essential to note that the type of power also differs, like some run on gas while others on electricity. The latter has different battery capacities, like 36 or 48 volts, which make a difference in speed, yet it’s not very significant.

how fast can a golf cart go

Electric vs Gas Golf Carts: Which Has Better Speed? 

Neither makes a significant difference when comparing the speed of electric and gas golf carts. Both can travel at an average speed of 12 to 14 mph. However, as the battery of an electric golf cart drains, it can slow down.

How To Customise A Golf Cart To Go Faster?

Various customizations let you tweak the speed limit of your golf cart. These include Speed chip/code, Larger Tyres, and Motor Upgrades. 

Here’s how each of them works: 

  • Speed Chip/Code: It is used to change the computer system of a golf cart. Hence, you can use it to bypass the configured speed limits. 
  • Larger Tyres: When you replace your golf cart tires with a larger one, it covers a greater distance with each spin. Considerably, it increases the golf cart speed.
  • Motor Upgrades: The most apparent and direct way to increase the golf cart’s speed is to upgrade its motor. The latter should be the one having more power. 

Besides, before these tweaking, consult a certified technician who helps you with apt customizations according to the model. This will help you avoid any discrepancies in the future. 

What Are The Rules for Faster Golf Carts?

You must ensure certain things when upgrading your golf carts to better travel speed on public roads. Do consider that for most places, that should have a speed of minimum 20 MPH.

Moreover, if its speed exceeds 25 MPH, you must install seatbelts in your cart to travel in public places. Locations like Hawaii, Maryland, and Rhode Island don’t allow you to drive carts on roads. But if you are not from any of these locations, it doesn’t mean you have the freedom to drive a golf cart on the roads.

Besides, every location has its own rules, so check whether it’s allowed where you live and under what circumstances. 

How Fast Can An Electric Golf Cart Go? 

It might seem unusual and hard to believe, yet the record for the highest golf cart speed is currently set to 120 miles per hour. Moreover, with speed upgrades to your cart, you can significantly increase your golf cart distance. 

Where You Should Drive A Golf Cart?

You cannot drive your golf carts on roads anywhere unless you are pretty sure if it’s allowed. Even if you can, know the criteria you should fulfill for driving golf carts on roads.

This is because golf carts are low-speed vehicles, so the rules vary. For instance, some locations require a driver’s license to drive on roads. 

Besides, many states don’t allow you to drive it on roads under any condition. There are only certain states where you can drive a golf cart on roads, and that too by fulfilling specific Terms and Conditions. For instance, many places have a speed limit of 35 mph or higher; you cannot drive it at any cost in such areas. 

What are Speed Chips and Speed Codes?

Speed chips or codes are some methods that let you tweak the speed of your golf cart. You can use them to make the carts faster. To be precise, speed chips are physical chips that let you bypass the speed limits of the golf cart. In comparison, speed codes upgrade your cart’s computer system, significantly increasing the cart’s speed. 

Like older models of the famous brand EZGO, which has 36-volt batteries, it leverages a physical chip. You have to plug the latter into the speed controller. This will help you to override the speed limit of your golf cart. In contrast, the brand’s older models, which have 48-volt batteries, require code to increase the cart speed. 

Similarly, there’s a brand called Club Car. In it, speed codes work like upgrades for the computer system of your golf cart. Here, there are codes from 1-5. The greater the number, the higher the speed of the cart.

Notably, specific serial numbers of golf carts can travel at a speed of 19.5 mph. For it, you have to use a 4 or 5-speed code. To achieve greater speed, you should upgrade the cart’s motor. 

How Fast Do Street Legal Golf Carts Go? 

At places where you can take golf carts on the street, they should have a minimum 20 mph speed as a standard for most of the places. Therefore, if you have not bought a golf cart, choose one that provides the desired speed. 

Besides, you can even choose a golf cart manufacturer that gives easy customization options for efficiency and effectiveness in speed modifications. 

The Bottom Line 

If you were looking for how fast a golf cart goes, you would have got your answer! These usually travel at an average speed of 12-14 mph, while the fastest one ever recorded runs at 120 mph. You can increase your golf cart speed by using a speed chip/code, upgrading with bigger wheels, or using a high-power motor compared to a conventional one. 

But you should consider that only some states allow you to take golf carts in public places. Even if they do, certain restrictions depend on your location. This is because golf carts are known as low-speed vehicles. I recommend you seek a technician’s help in modifying the default speed of your golf cart.

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