How Much Is A Golf Cart

How Much Is A Golf Cart: Pricing Guide And Cost Factors

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Updated: Oct 25, 2023

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Does a bag with 14 clubs and other essentials, walking for miles on a long golf course, and then gathering the energy to play sound tiresome? Well, indeed, it does!

All your energy, excitement, and stamina are drained before the game. Moreover, if you have chronic pain issues, golf will be a painful deal for you.

Being a golfer, I had gone through similar things when I didn’t have a cart. Hence, buying it is beneficial but pricey as well.

Are you looking for how much is a golf cart? Then I’ve covered you all with it!

Besides, since I’ve owned it for several years and used different carts, I would guide you with its associated costs. So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details!


  • New Golf Carts are priced between $12000 and $16000.
  • The golf cart price isn’t inclusive of maintenance, upgrade, and refueling/charging costs.
  • Besides, the price varies depending on the features and specifications.
  • Stay tuned to learn more about the exact costs you will have to bear throughout the ownership.

Different Types Of Golf Cart Prices

Every car has different types, so their price varies; so is the case with golf carts. There are different kinds of golf carts, and here’s a breakdown of how their prices differ!

Basic Gas-Powered CartsThe basic gas-powered golf carts are simple and reliable to traverse around the golf course. $2,000 to $4,000
Electric CartsElectric carts are known for being eco-friendly and have lower maintenance. Besides, these can run on batteries, ensuring a quiet ride. They do ride smoothly as well. However, their cost is comparatively higher. $5,000 and $10,000
High-End luxury carts For carts with plush seating, lavish sound systems, stylish seats, more comfort, and AC, you should go for high-end luxury golf carts. $10,000 to $20,000

How Much Does A New Golf Cart Cost? 

Gold is an expensive deal, and when it comes to a golf cart, you must have already decided to empty your pockets.

Whether you think that used carts need a lot of maintenance and aren’t viable in the long run, or you want to set a budget, you will go for a new golf cart for various reasons. 

Besides, newer ones will cost more than older ones. Generally, usual golf carts are priced between $12,000 and $16,000. It depends on specifications, upgrades, types, and other aspects. 

How Much Does A Used Golf Cart Cost? 

If you are okay with going for a used golf cart, you will get a cart at $6,000, including dealership costs.

You can buy a used cart from the owner for a more affordable deal, hence avoiding dealership charges. However, there’s always a risk of whether the person is genuine and the cart is reliable. 

Therefore, you should be careful while choosing a cart and even the person or deal from whom you are getting the cart.

Research the market prices and testimonials, and even seek the help of an expert golf cart user to judge the overall condition of! 

How Much Do Gas-Powered Golf Carts Cost? 

Gas-powered vehicles have been used for a long time. Amongst these, gas-powered golf carts are the most common and standard carts used in the industry.

These have different types; some use gasoline, while others run on diesel. 

Besides, commonly, they have a single-cylinder engine for power. The Golf Carts are priced between $3,500 to $6,000 due to different factors. The exact cost differs as per the model, specs, and features. 

Yet the cost could be more inclusive; hence, several factors come into the picture. Since many of you choose it for the lowest price, you should consider the factors before deciding! 


You must change the oil for gas-powered golf carts, clean the air filter timely, and replace spark plugs. These form its maintenance, and you should seek technical expertise.

Overall, its maintenance is only costly if any major fault leads to increased servicing charges. 

Fuel Prices 

Gas golf carts need gas (means fuel) to run; therefore, you should also consider its cost. Such carts are usually fuel-efficient, yet the fuel costs would prove costlier than electric carts.

So, stay prepared for refueling costs depending on the fuel type. 


Gas golf carts have a shorter lifespan, so they become devalued faster than electric ones. Therefore, if you think of reselling it after it loses its value, gas carts won’t be a valuable deal. 

How Much Do Golf Carts Cost According To Size? 

A Golf Cart’s size depends upon its carrying capacity (i.e., the number of persons it will carry). Thus, the carts are for 2,4, 6, and even eight people.

As already discussed, the cart value depends upon various factors, and size is among the most significant.

Let’s check the price as per size! 

Two Passenger

The two-passenger cart is the least expensive and compact, costing around $6000 to $7000. 

Four Passenger

A golf cart is even used for recreational purposes, or people prefer a spacious one accommodating two people.

Here’s when they go for a 4-passenger cart, which ranges between $10000 to $15000. Yet, always remember that the price varies per feature and upgrade. 

Six Passenger

This and the eight-seater carts are the rare forms bought owing to their price and depending upon needs. Their price ranges between $12000 and $16000 and can be more. 

What Is The Price Of Golf Cart Upgrades?

When you think of a golf cart yourself, it has two aspects. These include buying an upgraded golf cart or adding upgrades to a usual one.

In general, upgrades involve any improvements you install on your cart or get it done from a dealer. Most commonly, cart upgrades involve lift kits and speed improvement. 

Lift Kits

Lift kits increase the height of the golf cart by 3-6 inches and procure an increased ground clearance apart from rendering the ability to drive on ride terrain.

If you wish to install a lift kit on your golf cart by yourself, that costs between $400 and $1000. 

Speed Upgrade

You desire that your golf cart ride faster. The usual speed of carts is around 12-14 mph. You can boost it to 20 mph or more if that seems less. Depending upon the increase, the price varies! 

What Is The Price Of Golf Cart Parts?

In the long term, you will have to replace golf cart parts, or even as a part of an upgrade, some of you would find it essential.

Even if you aren’t considering going for the same, you will consider it in the forthcoming years. So let’s know their costs!


Every vehicle’s tire wears out with time; the same goes for golf carts. Therefore, you will have to replace the tires for optimum cart performance.

Each tire costs $50 to $100. Besides, if you use your cart somewhere where a nail or other sharp objects can come in contact, you should get a flat tire. 


Golf cart batteries will be another necessary expense in owning a cart, especially if you have an electric cart. These are again pricey, and an electric one can need almost eight batteries.

It is also crucial to understand how long your golf cart batteries will serve you well over the years. I’ve put together a detailed article that answers this question and more.

Expenses That Go Into Owning A Golf Cart 

Nothing is a one-time investment. Just as you need to pay more after getting the ownership of your car, the same is the case with golf carts. It’s essential for its proper maintenance and usage. 


Before buying a cart, you must consider where to park or keep it when not in use. If you have a large garage, then it’s always a good option.

However, not all have it. In such a case, they store it in a joint during winter and even use a cover. 


If you get a gas golf cart, you will have to buy gas. A cart usually needs up to 4-5 gallons of gas that lasts 30-40 miles per gallon.

Therefore, you should plan your golf cart usage and the gas costs before going for it. 


Tires, replacing oil, and frequent wheel alignment are some aspects of golf cart maintenance. It keeps the cart in good shape and optimally performing.

Besides, it is necessary as well. Therefore, consider maintenance costs as well.

Besides keeping it in good shape, it is essential to know how to operate a golf cart. Check out our guide on driving a golf cart.

Would It Be Beneficial If I Get A Used Golf Cart?

Yes, you can get a used golf cart. It helps you save money. However, before doing so, check its battery/engine condition. If not proper, then its repair can prove expensive. 

Besides, used carts are often in good shape and provide excellent performance. These range between $2800 to $6000. Hence, they are apt, especially for first-time buyers and budget-conscious deals.

How Much Do Custom Golf Carts Cost? 

Just like custom PCs, creating a custom cart has a different level of excitement. Yet there’s no specific price associated with it. Everything depends upon the features you choose and the upgrades you can add. 

Besides, you can replace its engine with others and customize it with an apt color; thus, it is ideal for you. Remember to use superior-quality materials to make a custom cart a profitable deal. 

Moreover, extras can be lift kits, cargo beds, lights, speakers, and other luxurious stuff. Custom carts are always beneficial if you don’t find one that you need! 


If you were searching for how much a golf cart costs, you would have got your answer! A new golf cart usually costs between $12000 to $16000. Yet, it differs depending on specifications and features.

Moreover, there are associated costs as well. These include the type and size of your cart. The refueling/recharging, upgrading, and maintenance costs.

It goes the same as a car wherein you have to spend on its maintenance throughout your ownership.

If you find it pretty expensive and out of your budget, going for a second-hand, well-maintained golf cart is never a bad idea.


  1. Do golf carts keep their value?

    Yes, golf carts generally hold their value well over time, especially if they are well-maintained and in good condition, except for gas carts.

  2. How long does a golf cart last?

    Proper care and maintenance can last 10-15 years for a golf cart.

  3. Is a gas or electric golf cart better?

    Both gas and electric golf carts have their advantages and disadvantages. Gas golf carts are typically less expensive to purchase, but they require more maintenance and fuel costs. Electric golf carts are more costly to buy, but they are cheaper to operate and maintain.

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