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Golf Cart Dimensions: Sizing Up Your Perfect Ride

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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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Sports need patience and accuracy, while only a few need less running around, and golf is one of them.

Now, this “running around” is still less comparatively; you wouldn’t want to run around in the field getting irritated to make a shot every time.

We humans can’t settle without creating solutions for every problem, right?

That’s enough introduction to golf; you’re here to learn about golf carts, so we’ll see some things about them.

These things are just mini cars that get you through the field. That’s what you might be thinking, right?

Well, you’re wrong! While the primary purpose remains the same, the variety in golf carts is not very easy to comprehend; every type has its features for its customers. Not to worry, what am I here for?


  • Golf cart dimensions, on average, are 92×48×75 inches for a usual cart.
  • There are slight variations depending on the models and specifications.
  • Hence, it’s essential to know whether it can fit correctly in the parking so passengers can travel comfortably and in the trailer!

Average Dimensions For A Golf Cart

Disclaimer: if you’re from a place where you measure things in hamburgers and football fields, keep length conversion scales handy.

Average Dimensions of golf carts having different seating capacities in tabular form

Below are the average dimensions for golf carts according to their seating capacity: 

2 Seater96in (8ft)48in (4ft)72in (6ft)
4 Seater110in (9ft 2in)48in (4ft)72in (6ft)
6 Seater144in (12in)48in (4ft)72in (6ft)

Golf Cart Models And Their Dimensions

Cart’s dimensions differ for various categories, styles, and models. Usually, models play a massive role in determining golf cart dimensions.

Yet, we have covered the best and most renowned cart dimensions below:

Yamaha Drive 2 – PTVGas/Electric93.6in47.3in70.2in
E-Z-GO LibertyElectric106in48in76in
Icon i40Electric108in49in72in

Factors Influencing The Dimensions Of A Golf Cart?

Various factors affect the dimensions of a golf cart, which usually includes the sunroof and its seating capacity. In contrast, you should also know that we must consider the external trailer and holders here.

Further, sunroofs slightly add to the height of a golf cart, while the seating capacity adds to its length. For the latter, the width remains the same.

It’s really important to understand how much a golf cart costs before you make a purchase because these costs can vary quite a bit. Click here to learn the cost breakdown in detail.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Golf Cart Dimensions?

Knowing the dimensions of a golf cart is vital for various reasons. The primary reason is that not all golf courses allow all kinds of carts due to their topography.

Therefore, you do have restrictions about what the cart dimensions should be! 

Besides, you might think of a spacious golf cart for storage purposes, but what if it doesn’t fit in your garage?

Here’s where you need to measure the cart dimensions and compare it with the available space for paring it. 

Moreover, knowing the dimensions helps you buy the correct and apt-sized covers for your golf cart. Therefore, research carefully about the cart dimensions that you need! 

How Wide Is A Golf Cart?

A golf cart is about 48 inches in width on average. It’s nearly similar for all the variants since there aren’t any factors that change the width of the golf cart.

Why Is Your Golf Cart Height Important?

As discussed earlier, the sunroof of your golf cart plays a significant role in determining its height. Also, many more things create a difference here.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know and acknowledge and know your cart height. Next, check if it fits your garage or parking area aptly.

Last but not least, remember comfort. For instance, you and your fellow golfers should be able to sit comfortably without bending like a shrimp. 

Why Is Your Golf Cart Length Important?

Golf cart length is essential, especially in knowing whether it fits correctly in the trailer. These transport golf carts from one place to another.

Further, even your passengers won’t have to bow down to fit themselves in the cart. 

Golf Cart Trailer Dimensions

Golf cart trailers have standard dimensions of 4 x 6 feet to 6 x 10 feet and various sizes. It depends on the size of your golf cart and what you need. 

If you have a two-seater golf cart, a smaller trailer size, like 4×6 or 4×8, should be your choice. Besides, if you have a 6-seater golf cart, it doesn’t make sense to buy a trailer that doesn’t fit your golf cart. 

Can You Fit A Golf Cart In A Flatbed Truck?

No, your golf cart won’t fit in a Flatbed truck. As we saw previously, a two-seater golf cart has a length of around 96 inches, while regular flatbed trucks have a length of 50 inches.

Length of a golf cart

Moreover, it is allowed to stretch the flatbed, giving you some extra length. Notably, the usual length after stretching becomes around 80 inches, which is still insufficient to hold a golf cart.

Where Will Your Golf Cart Fit In?

There are multiple options on where and how you can store your golf cart. Let’s check them singly! 

1. Garage

A Golf cart will easily fit in a garage without any problems, considering you have enough free space. Yet do consider the available space after your car or any other vehicles are parked.

Further, you should have free space of about 8 inches plus the size of your golf cart from all sides for it to fit without any hassle.

2. Golf Cart Cover

Golf cart covers are similar to your car or bike covers; you must put them on and lock them in. While they’re a pretty good option, it’s always necessary to check the dimensions and buy the apt size! 

Moreover, you will need a smaller cover to fit your cart. Besides, buying a larger than-needed size would expose it to dust more.

3. Storage Unit

Storage units are the perfect solution to store your golf cart if bringing it to your house is a hassle. You’ll find plenty of storage units on a rental basis throughout the US.

You can search the web to find the one nearest to you. Most of these storage rentals have special plans for golf carts.

How Do You Measure A Golf Cart?

There are various ways to measure a golf cart. The simplest and the best way is to search the name and model of your golf cart on the web, and you’ll get the exact dimensions!

In comparison, if you’re not sure about the model of your cart, you can go through the user manual. Here, manufacturers specify the cart dimensions in the first few pages.

Also, if these solutions are not feasible for you, grab a measuring tape to measure the cart dimensions accurately. 

Moreover, from start to end, it makes up the length of the cart, and the same sideways makes up its width. If you measure from downwards to the top of your sunroof, it makes up its height. 

Also, measuring the height between the ground and the area where the skeleton of your cart starts forms its ground clearance area.

The Conclusion

Knowing the dimensions of your golf cart can save you a lot of headaches in many places. Having an idea about its length can save you the headache of trailer mismatch.

Moreover, knowing its height can save you the headache of needing to sit like a shrimp. 

So, precaution is better than cure, so always know what you’re doing! Otherwise, you might regret your purchase later on!

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