Best Way To Clean Golf Clubs

How To Clean Golf Clubs The Best Way And Make Them Look New

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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

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When I used to play, I always used to see other players come with clean and shining golf clubs. I always used to think, ‘How do they keep their golf clubs so clean?’.

However, I did use to clean my golf clubs with a regular cloth, but that certainly was not enough. 

If you think, why am I stressing so much about clean golf clubs, then let me tell you that cleaned clubs can positively impact your game.

For instance, when your club’s grooves are free from dirt or mud, it will give you better control of your gameplay and shots. 

In contrast, dirt-filled groves can impact the execution of your shots. Moreover, golf clubs are expensive to purchase. So, they will likely get damaged when you don’t properly maintain them.

At the same time, if you keep your clubs adequately maintained, then they will have a higher resale value when you sell them. 

After understanding the need for cleaning them, if you are wondering what is the right way to clean clubs, then you are at the right place.


  • To clean iron clubs, soak them in warm, soapy water, scrub grooves with a soft brush, and wipe the shaft with a cloth.
  • Metal woods and putters should be cleaned with a damp towel rather than immersing them in water.
  • To keep wooden clubs in top shape, simply wipe them gently with a damp cloth and make sure to dry them thoroughly.

What Do I Need To Clean Golf Clubs

You would think of complex solutions to clean your golf clubs. However, the equipment is hidden in your laundry and kitchen. 

Below-mentioned are the equipment required for cleaning golf clubs: 

  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Towel 
  • Warm Water 
  • Strong Soap 
  • Vinegar

How To Clean Your Golf Irons

Looking in the market, you will find multiple professional golf club cleaners and cleaning tools. But that means spending additional money.

Cleaning Golf Irons
Source: Rough Golf YouTube

To help you avoid the extra costs, we have listed the proper ways to clean your golf club irons at home that are as follows:

  • Make soapy water: First, you can put three tablespoons of dishwasher soap in the warm water and mix it properly. But, make sure that the water is not too hot, which can damage the body of the club. 
  • Soak the clubs: Once ready, put your golf clubs in that soapy water and keep them soaked for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Scrub the grooves: You can take them out and clean the grooves using a brush with soft bristles. For that, you can use a soft toothbrush. Remember, a stiff bristle brush can put scratches or marks on it. So, avoid using any hard brush or sharp cleaning objects. 
  • Clean the shaft: You can dip a cloth into the soapy water and wipe down the clubs’ shafts. It will help to remove any dirt. However, avoid soaking leather grips in it to remove any dirt or grime.
  • Rinse in clean water: Once again, put the golf clubs in soapy water and remove them. Next, put them in a bucket of clean water and rinse.
  • Get it dry: When you take them out, you can clean them with a soft towel and get them dry. It is essential to completely dry the clubs because any leftover water can damage their material.

How To Clean Metal Woods And Putters

Drivers and Fairway Woods are both used to hitting long-distance shots. But, they are made from a different material than an Iron Club. So, you must avoid putting them in water for a few minutes as it can damage their material. 

You should clean metal wood and putters in the same way as iron clubs. However, it’s noteworthy that their club heads are different from irons.

Therefore, submerging metal wood and putters in soapy water would damage them. 

So instead of dipping the club into a bucket of warm water or dishwasher soap. Further, use the towel to clean the dirt, dust, and grime stuck on it. Next, dip the cloth into warm water and clean the grooves, shaft, and other parts. 

Besides, you can clean putters the same way. You don’t need to spend much time with them as they are small.

Putters can also be cleaned with a soft wet towel because it doesn’t get much dirty owing to their shape. 

Alternatively, you can also use a toothbrush or soft-bristle brush.

How To Clean Wooden Clubs

The wood of wooden clubs is quite delicate. Hence, you cannot dip them into a bucket of soapy water.

  • Take a bucket of warm water and submerge a cloth until it gets damp but not thoroughly wet.
  • Wipe the wooden club with the cloth until clean.
  • Don’t forget to dry it with a towel.

When you don’t dry it with a towel, it will hamper the quality of the wooden club. 

How To Clean Golf Club Shafts

Cleaning Golf Club Shafts
Source: Brad Meehan YouTube
  • One way to clean the golf club shafts is to use a wet cloth and wipe it well.
  • Another way is to use vinegar to clean the shaft. Just take some vinegar and apply it to the shaft. Be gentle with wiping and ensure not to scrub it off. We wouldn’t recommend the vinegar method for metal clubheads. 

How To Clean Golf Club Grips

Apart from grooves, the grip is another essential part of the club that can accumulate dust and dirt.

When you play, your hands or gloves can get dirty. Further, that dirt can get transferred to the grips, which is difficult to remove. 

If you don’t clean the grip of your golf club, it will be challenging to get a proper hold of the club to swing and make the right shot. So, you need to keep it clean and dirt-free. 

When you clean the grip of your golf clubs, it can help to get better control of your shots and increase the club’s durability. 

For that, you can dampen the cloth with water and swipe your grips after each game you play. However,  avoid using hot water to soak your cloth, which can damage the grip.

For cleaning in between the fine lines of the grip, you can use a soft toothbrush with soapy water. Also, make sure to dry the grip properly without leaving it wet.

How To Remove Rust On Clubs

Golf clubs are often made from a variety of materials, including iron. On the golf course, it can quickly come in contact with moisture, increasing the chances of rusting.

At the same time, playing with rusted golf clubs is impossible, ultimately damaging your clubs.

Removing Rust On Clubs

So, here is a way to remove rust from golf club that is as follows:

  • Collect essentials: For removing rust, take warm water, mild soap or a specialized golf club cleaner, a soft toothbrush, a towel, steel wool or a rust eraser, and a rust-inhibiting spray or oil.
  • Prepare soapy water: Mix the warm water and some mild soap or golf clean.
  • Put the club heads in the soapy water: After preparing the soapy water, put the rusted golf clubs in the soap water. Ensure all the rusty parts are soaked in water for at least a minute. 
  • Clean the Rusted Areas: Remove the club heads and gently scrub the rusted parts using the soft toothbrush. Use a circular motion with light pressure to shed off the rust. Don’t put more pressure, or you will scratch the clubheads. 
  • Use Rust Eraser: There could be some stubborn rusty areas that cannot be removed with a soft brush. For that, you can use a special rust eraser. Gently scrub the rust eraser to remove the stuff that rusts. 
  • Rinse in clean water: Once you are done, rinse the club heads with clean water and use a soft towel to dry them without leaving them wet. Otherwise, leftover moisture can invite more rust formation. 
  • Use oil or rust-inhibiting spray: After removing Rust, it is vital to ensure no future chance of rusting your golf club. For that, apply a layer of oil or rust-inhibiting spray evenly and store the clubs in a dry place to avoid contact with moisture.

Optional Undertakings

Besides cleaning the clubs with soapy water or vinegar, you can also use other stuff to enhance their look. 


Apply some chrome or steel polish on the club and rub it gently. Let it be on the club for a minute or two, and then you can remove it with the cloth. 


Like metal, you can use Toothpaste to revamp the shine and texture of golf clubs. Apply some Toothpaste on the area and let it dry. Next, wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Power Washing

Power Washing is another way to wash your golf clubs quickly. However, you should employ it carefully as it might damage your club. However, you should avoid cleaning metal wood and wooden clubs with it. 

Additional Tips To Keep Your Clubs Performing Well

There are several measures to ensure that your clubs perform well throughout your usage. Some of the measures which you can take are given below: 

Don’t Let A Rainy Day Ruin Your Clubs 

Your clubs can work on a rainy day, and there’s no harm with it. However, you can’t keep these wet clubs and other equipment in your bag for long.

After playing, take your golf clubs and other stuff out of the bag. Wipe the clubs with a towel properly. 

Keep That Head Cover On Your Most Expensive Club

There are several clubs, and most of them are expensive. However, there’s one which you cannot afford to buy frequently, like the Drivers.

In such a scenario, when you are on a round, keep the head cover on the most expensive club to protect it.


Ultimately, you have learned how to clean your golf clubs easily at home. The best way of cleaning golf clubs, especially irons, is to use soapy water.

Similarly, drivers and Fairway woods are made from a different material that can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

It is essential to know that cleaning your golf club regularly can positively impact your game’s performance.

Also, it can prolong your golf clubs’ lifespan, bringing higher resale value for your investment. For this reason, try to clean them after every game or once a month if you play only a few games.


  1. Will vinegar hurt golf clubs?

    No, vinegar will not hurt your golf clubs when used for cleaning, but be sure to rinse them afterward to prevent any corrosion.

  2. Does WD40 shine golf clubs?

    No, WD40 is not recommended for shining golf clubs as it may damage your club’s finish. Instead, you can use specialized cleaning products.

  3. How often should you clean golf clubs?

    You should clean your golf clubs every 2-3 rounds to maintain their optimal performance and lifespan.

  4. How to clean golf clubs on the course?

    To clean golf clubs on the course, use a wet towel or a club brush to remove dirt and grass from the grooves.

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