How To Clean A Golf Glove

How To Clean Golf Gloves The Right Way For A Lasting Grip

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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

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My confidence as a golfer is at its peak when I have to swing for a shot that seems like a cakewalk. But tables turning around messed up my situation as the golf grip didn’t rotate properly for a swing which was pretty unfortunate. 

If you have been in golf for a specific time, you might have faced this problem. It indicates that your golf gloves need replacement.

But what if only a little time has passed and a few rounds have been played since you bought and used them? If yes, then dirty golf gloves could be the cause!

When you are searching for how to clean golf gloves, I have rescued you from washing myths and covered you with efficient methods!


  • Most golf gloves are non-washable; hence, always buy them in bulk. This way, you can leverage a plethora of gloves during a round. 
  • Refrain from drying your golf gloves in the dryer or with a hair dryer or hand dryer, as it causes the gloves to shrink. 
  • Rotate your golf gloves 2-3 times during a round to prevent them from getting wet due to sweat.

Why Should You Clean Your Golf Gloves?

Playing on the course and your hand slipping during a swing is a pretty awful situation, yet many golfers deal with it. The reason behind such a situation isn’t always improper fitting gloves, but also not cleaning them.

Over time, golf gloves accumulate sweat as you play, and this prolonged accumulation causes the material to wear and tear.

Washing golf gloves

Besides, it promotes bacterial infections as well. Hence, cleaning them is essential for the game and the hygiene of your hand.

Golf gloves have a lifespan of a decent number of rounds on the golf course. But dirt and dust considerably impact their optimum performance. 

All these reasons don’t ensure coherence and cohesion between your hand and grip, thus rendering the purpose of gloves ineffective. Therefore, it’s quite essential to clean your golf gloves.

How To Clean Golf Gloves?

Amongst a variety of methods for cleaning, not a single approach applies to all kinds of golf gloves. Additionally, some ways might seem the norm, but the practices harm your golf gloves. 

With my experience in good maintenance for gloves as a golfer, I have shed light on all the practices, their conditions, and their stigma. 

Method 1: Wash It With Your Hands

Fortunately, if you have a synthetic glove or any other washable material, it is the easiest method to clean. 

After a round ends, you should wash your golf gloves with your hand as quickly as feasible. It’s because, during the round, a lot of sweat and dirt makes its way into the glove. You should avoid it settling over the glove’s surface.

  • Use your hands to pour cold water onto your washable golf gloves
  • Use a clean golf towel to wipe off the grime on and inside it
  • Let it dry in an open room overnight

If required, you can switch on the fan to ease the air-drying process. The constraint is easy; you cannot use any dryer for quick arrival, and it shrinks the material. 

Thus, it renders the glove size ineffective, negatively impacting your hand’s contact with the golf grip. 

Use Soap For An Effective Golf Club Cleaning

Only hand washing the gloves does not help. The reasons can be cited like either it’s a lot dirty, or dust has settled on the surface, or you cannot clean it well. In such situations, use soap for a deep-cleansing action

  • Use a bucket of cold water and add a few drops of regular soap 
  • Soak your gloves in it for 20 minutes and drain the water 
  • Clean it with the golf towel while gently rubbing it for deep-clean 

Whether a regular brush or a golf brush, don’t use either of them. It would damage your golf gloves sooner or later. 

Method 2: Machine Wash

Rubbing with your hands for a gentle wash and adding soap for further deep cleansing requires more effort and time. To simplify it, you might consider using a washing machine. 

Yet, some of you would think synthetic gloves are still okay. But before proceeding, ensure to turn the gloves inside out to retain the Velcro strength and keep it under optimal conditions. 

Under any circumstance, don’t dry it in the washing machine as it would render the gloves smaller for your hands by shrinking them.

Avoid The Dishwasher

Do you think of keeping your dirty golf gloves beside the dirty cups and plates? Well, that’s an awful idea, although you might clean them later or wash them individually.

Yes, unlike your golf hats, you shouldn’t wash your golf gloves in the dishwasher. Things about dirt and other crockery are still apart.

How To Dry?

There’s only a one-stop solution to ensure dryness after washing your golf gloves. It’s the air dry method that won’t negatively impact the fit, feel, traction, and texture of your gloves.

  • Clean the golf glove
  • Keep it in a room overnight for them to dehydrate 
  • Use the fan to speed up the process slightly 
Air Dry Method

Don’t go for a cooler, as its moisture would again impact the material and fit.

  • Wait until the golf glove dries completely 
  • In the meanwhile, check if one side is completely dry. If it is, then you should turn it inside out for better results 

Never dry your gloves in the sun, as it would cause the color to fade. 

You should dry them at least two nights earlier and not the day following your game. Else, glove dampness would sustain during the round.

How To Make Your Golf Gloves Last Longer?

Golf gloves are expensive equipment, yet you must change them after some rounds as their efficacy doesn’t last longer. However, if your golf glove isn’t durable for a few rounds, becomes too tight, has a hole, or is similar, then beware. Further, if you want them to last a bit longer, then there are workarounds for prolonging their lifespan. 

Follow the practices for the next set of golf gloves which you buy! 

1. Don’t Wipe Sweat With Your Gloves

Never wipe sweat or water from your hands or forehead using gloves or fingers. Wiping such perspiration impacts the gripping efficacy and disrupts the grip pressure. Therefore, use a towel when you want to wipe off your sweat. 

2. Don’t Clean Your Clubs With Your Glove Hand

Don’t clean the clubs with the glove hand to wipe the dust and grime. This dust then sticks to the glove making it unclean, spoiling its surface, and affecting its longevity. Therefore, always use golf wipes, non-glove hands, or a golf towel to wipe your clubs.

3. Rotate Gloves in Every Round

A pro tip to prolong the lifeline of your golf gloves is to use multiple gloves in one round instead of a single for all 18 holes.

Rotating Your Golf Gloves

Therefore, using 2-3 in 18 holes helps to reduce wear and tear. You can even rotate them every six holes to ensure their longevity. 

4. Air Out Your Gloves

After rotating your golf gloves, air dry them rather than keep them in your bag. I recommend attaching them outside the bag or the golf cart’s steering wheel. 

5. Store Your Gloves Correctly

Like any other equipment, you would stuff your golf gloves in the packet. However, this practice isn’t correct as it crumbles your gloves and prevents it from drying. You should also dry them before storing them and preferably get a golf glove holder.

6. Replace Regularly

Nothing is a one-time investment, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot compromise on not buying golf gloves.

Therefore, you should replace your golf gloves whenever you feel the grip isn’t comfortable. Else, even if it develops a hole, then you must replace it.


Golf gloves are essential to get a good grip on your golf club and make the desired shots. A dirty and unhygienic golf glove can make you feel uncomfortable. So, it is essential to clean them. 

But, if they are made from a unique material, then it won’t be suitable to wash them harshly in a washing machine. Instead, you can hand scrub it with soft hands to clean them. 

Also, you can ensure certain practices to prolong the lifespan of gloves. Always air dry it, and never use a hand or machine dryer. Even refrain from using a hair dryer.

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