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How To Hit A Driver Straight With Precision And Power

Author: Larissa Allard

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

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Imagine standing on a long straight fairway, and there’s a par-4 or par-5 hole from where you have to swing. You grab your driver and realize it’s large and difficult to lift, making it more challenging to swing with it.

Here’s where you must hit accurately to achieve maximum distance off the tee, and the driver helps you get closer to the green.

Yet since it’s difficult to control, you would be looking for how to hit a driver, and we have covered you all with it!

Why Is A Driver So Hard To Hit?

When you want to hit the ball far off from the tee at a longer distance, the role of the Driver comes into the picture.

While you would have noticed that its dimensions are quite different than usual, its long length and several factors make it hard to swing! 

So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details! 

Golf Club’s Length

Golf club length determines your ability to swing with that particular club.

Drivers are longer even more than edges as their length is around 45.75 inches. With greater length, it becomes challenging to hit the driver. 

Additionally, owing to the greater length, the driver has a greater clubface area.

This makes it quite tricky to locate the sweet spot, and thus, you find it challenging to hit the driver accurately for a larger distance. 

Besides, even if you try to swing with them faster, the impact of negative shots is easily noticeable. 

Larger Swing Arc

The path of your clubhead from the start of the swing to the point it hits the ball is known as the swing arc.

Longer clubs like drivers have a wider swing arc, and hence, the club travels a longer path while swinging.

Such a wider motion of the swing arc creates more mistakes and lacks accuracy while swinging. 

Lower Loft 

Loft refers to the angle of the clubface. Though the driver’s angle is larger, its loft is 12 degrees, considerably lower than the Pitching Wedge.

The latter has a loft of around 44 to 46 degrees, which makes it more forgiving. 

Single the loft of drivers is lower, making them less forgiving. This means that they don’t minimize the impact of negative shots and, hence, are challenging to hit.

Consequently, it creates lesser backspin and more sidespin, which increases the scope slice. All of it makes it pretty hard to hit the driver.

How To Hit A Driver Easy-Peasy? 

While it’s tricky to hit with a driver, it might seem one of the most demanding clubs to use, and some of you might even skip using it.

But this is not so; with the correct method and strategy, you can unleash the benefits of a driver traversing longer distances. 

Below mentioned are the easy steps for it: 

1. Establish A Stable Base With Your Stance

When you want to hit a driver, keep your feet a bit wider than the width of your shoulders.

Stand so that your weight is balanced between your feet and even from heel to toe. If possible, keep some extra weight on your right side, as it will help with your greater strength.

golf driving tips
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

But the excess weight should keep you comfortable and shouldn’t imbalance you.

Thus, with extra strength, you have extra power and can swing better while hitting the driver. 

2. Use a Neutral Grip For Hitting The Ball Straight 

You would want your ball to travel with full speed and consistency across its path.

A neutral grip helps to hit the ball in such a manner. This implies that your left hand is on the top with its thumb towards the middle. 

Besides, the right hand is almost directly on top of the left, too. Thus, if your right hand is farther to the club’s back, then it becomes pretty strong. Therefore, you can hit the ball straight with good speed. 

3. Ball Position Forward

Position your ball closer to the front foot and near the left heel when you use a driver. This way, you can hit the ball as if the driver is moving upward.

Thus, you can speed more with your swing and a square clubface to the target. But ensure not to put the ball ahead of your foot; it can create a hook shot. 

4. Tee The Ball High

When you hit the ball lower, it doesn’t travel much distance. Therefore, mount the ball on a tee while using a driver.

This way, you get better consistency and distance with your shots. So, even if you have a driver with more than a larger clubhead, it will travel further.

Besides, try such that half the ball is almost above the driver’s top while teeing higher. 

5. Extend The Takeaway

When you want greater control and a powerful swing when hitting with a driver, extending the takeaway is a must-follow approach.

This means that whenever you swing, extend it during the backswing, creating more distance of the club away from the ball. 

Such wider swings add more power to your shots, and your driver thus travels a greater distance. 

6. Full Rotation During The Backswing

When you swing with the driver, a full rotation helps. To be precise, while swinging, turn your shoulders and hips fully during the backswing.

Your hips should be away from the ball, and your left shoulder should be closer to your chin. This way, you can hit the driver better. 

7. Weight Shift During the Downswing

When you are swinging with the driver, as you reach the top of your swing, that is, after the backswing, start shifting your weight from your dominant to the trail side.

For instance, if you are a right-handed golfer, then shift the weight from your right foot to the left. Thus, when the ball comes into impact, your weight should be focused on the left foot. 

Besides, you might find it challenging to practice. Therefore, imagine that while on the downswing, you have stepped with your left foot.

Another valuable and tested tip is to create a drill to pick your left foot off the ground and step on it while you are about to hit the ball, that is, during the downswing. 

8. Stay Behind It At Impact

When you want to hit the ball with a driver consistently and accurately, stay Behind It At Impact.

It means that when the ball is in impact with the clubface, your head should already be behind it.

Thus, you get stability with your head position, and your shots fly straight. But does it sound difficult to implement? 

Well, if yes, then suppose you have a wall on the left side of your forehead.

Hence, during the swing-through, you should ensure your head doesn’t touch the wall. This helps you keep your head steady behind the ball during the swing. 

9. Follow Through and Finish High

When you hit the ball, after that, complete your swing primarily by standing on one leg, and that dominant leg should lead on the trail leg.

For instance, if you are a right-handed golfer, complete your swing on the right leg, and that one should lean a bit on the left leg.

Such balanced movements after the impact keep your shot straight. Thus, you can swing the driver faster. 

How To Hit The Driver Farther?

My tips would have now eased you up about how to hit a Driver. So, now you would be wondering how to hit the driver such that your ball travels farther; let’s dig into the details! 

1. Ensure That Your Driver Is Suitable With Your Swing Style

One of the most vital aspects of hitting the ball farther with a Driver is ensuring it fits your swing style.

If your Driver doesn’t match your swing style, it becomes difficult for the ball to travel longer distances. 

2. Tee the Ball Higher

When standing at the driving range, hit 10 shots by mounting the ball lower on the tee. It implies to the tee where the ball is even higher with the clubhead.

Further, hit 10 shots with a high tee (this should be 50% higher than your Driver’s head)  

Moreover, compare them, and you will see that the shots from higher tee cover lingerie distances. So, you know what you should do now! 

3.  Golf Ball Specifications 

Selecting the correct golf ball which travels longer distances is essential. You should choose one that suits your playing style and has a good feel when you swing a driver with it.

Remember, selecting the correct golf ball isn’t always about finding one over an expensive and affordable one.  

4. Use Ground Forces to Increase Torque

To swing powerfully with a driver, you should also utilize the ground. During the swing, exert pressure on your feet such that it feels that you are pushing the ground using your feet.

This should be done throughout when you backswing and even during impact. Thus, you have more strength and force, increasing torque in your shots. 

5. Don’t Hit The Ball Easy 

hitting at the center of the ball for a straight shot
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

Many would tell you to slow down your golf shots and hit it easily. But don’t do so; swing with a significant amount of force and follow the ball to hit it. 

6. Ensure Complete Shoulder Rotation

During a swing and after impact, ensure that your shoulders and hip turn fully. When you turn your left shoulder, your chin should be beneath it to generate more power.

7. Work with Weighted Training Aids to Gain Speed

Make it mandatory to use heavier golf clubs and even work in the gym to get stronger. The more your strength, the farther your ball goes.

How To Hit A Driver Straight: 5 Pro Tips 

When you find hitting the driver challenging, many of you would feel that your shot will either travel farther or go straight. But this is not true. When swinging with a driver, you can achieve both with simple steps! 

1. Check the Ball Position

Position of the ball while hitting a driver
Source: Rick Shiels Golf YouTube

Put the golf ball near your opposite heel (left for right-handed golfers and vice versa) when you use the driver. If the ball is too far away or behind, then it would affect your accuracy in shots. 

2. Play with Adjustability On The Driver Clubhead

Golf clubs are usually adjustable, but not all. If you have a Driver with an adjustable clubhead, get it tweaked to fix minor issues. 

3. Watch the Clubface Angle at Setup

When you are all set to swing, your club should point straight towards your target. Besides, if you are likely to slice, don’t close the clubface much.  

4. Check your Swing Plane with a Video

Various gold club devices record your playing style, and you can aptly figure out where your club should be and where it is! 

5. Ensure Your Driver Matches Your Swing 

Use a different driver and see which one matches your swing. Accordingly, get a custom fitting for your driver suitable for your swings.

The Bottom Line 

If you were looking for how to hit a driver, then you would have got your answer.

Owing to its lower loft and larger length, you would think that it can swing the ball to a greater distance, or you can hit the driver.

But it is not so; with simple steps, you can also hit with a driver, make it travel larger distances, and even hit the ball straight. How do you hit with your driver?

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