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How To Organize Golf Bag Like A Pro: A Step-By-Step Guide

Author: Larissa Allard

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

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Hurray! The ball going into the green is one of the best feelings for me and every golfer out there. But what if you mess up your game not because of your skills but because of not finding the right equipment at the appropriate time?

Well, if you are a novice, then that would seem stupid to you, but veterans are aware of it. This is what happened to me.

During my first game of golf, I was on cloud 9. However, the next time my ball was near the hole, I needed a putter but couldn’t find it.

I lost the shot, and later, when I located its grip was damaged! Yes, it was because I had kept it with Woods, and the two rubbed against each other.

It could happen to you, too, if you haven’t organized your golf bag well. Therefore, as your savior, I’ve mentioned the best practices for how to organize a Golf Bag.


  • Organize your golf clubs in a top-down approach from the longest to the shortest to avoid damage, taking into consideration the number of slots in your bag.
  • Keep your putters in the front section of the bag for quick and easy access during your game.
  • Front pockets are perfect for essentials like balls and gloves, while back pockets work well for valuables and non-essential items.

How To Organize Golf Clubs In Different Golf Bags

Proper arrangement of golf clubs plays a crucial role in ensuring that they do not tangle with each other. With my experience, I have suggested an apt way to put clubs in a golf bag

You cannot follow the method for all bags as it depends upon the number of slots in it. 

For A 14 Slot Golf Bag

As a golfer, you can take 14 clubs to the golf course, and hence with an equal number of partitions, it is easiest to organize it. However, what’s noteworthy is that you don’t have to allocate one slot for each club randomly.

Instead, you must follow the top-bottom approach with longer to shorter ones. This implies that you have to keep all the longer clubs behind. Thus, they would be easily accessible due to their length. 

Besides, keeping the shorter ones at the front will not make them clash with the longer ones. Plus, you can easily take them out when required, and they would not even fall out from the bag accidentally. 

Therefore, the correct approach is to put the driver in the upper-first slot since it is the largest club. Besides, refrain from keeping it in the middle slots as it will then be inconvenient to remove the driver.

14 Slot Golf Bag

Not to forget, it will become pesky for other clubs, and many might clash with the driver leading to a peculiar problem and damaging it. 

Coming to the woods, they are again longer in size. Thus, you have to keep it in the top section of the bag. But remember not to keep it in the Driver slot as there are 14 spaces, so place it next to the driver.

Irons should be further arranged in the increasing order of their sizes in the subsequent compartments of the bag. Similar is the case with Wedges, but there are some exceptions.

Always place the pitching wedge first, followed by the gap wedge. Next, go to sand Wedge and further lob wedge. 

Last but the most important comes the putter in the bottom-most section as it is the smallest. So place them in the last slots as per the descending order.

For A 8 Slot Golf Bag

Do you own an 8-slot bag and think that it would be challenging to organize your clubs in it properly?

Well, if yes, then it’s not true. One common factor remains that it follows the top-down approach of largest to shortest.

Yet, that, again, clearly doesn’t specify the arrangement. You must know which section would have one club and which would have multiple.

Besides, in the latter case, you should know which types of clubs should be together.

8 Slot Golf Bag

Drivers and woods are the largest. Hence place the driver and 3-woods in slot one.

Next, accommodate 20 and 23-degree hybrids in the next compartment. 4 and 5 irons go in the third slot, while 6 and 7 irons go into the next, followed by 8 and 9 Irons in the fifth slot.

Then comes the serial-wise management of Wedges. However, one slot cannot be dedicated to one wedge. Yet you can arrange it well by storing the Pitch and Gap wedge in slot 6 and the sand and lob wedge afterward.

Now you have one slot remaining to accommodate only the Putter (smallest) and nothing else, as it is the most important. 

For A 6 Slot Golf Bag

If you need an easy-to-carry golf bag that provides a better arrangement of clubs, then a 6-way Golf bag aces it. You thus get 2 slots in each row, avoiding club clashes.

The most underrated benefit is using one slot just for your putters. Though every row has two columns in such a bag, it will also follow the top-bottom approach. 

6 Slot Golf Bag

Place the driver and woods in the uppermost slot, as they are the longest. Next, put woods in the second and hybrids in the third slot.

Accommodate Irons by their size in the mid-two compartments. The sixth one accommodates Wedges and Putters as they are smaller in size. 

For A 4 Slot Golf Bag

A 4-slot golf bag is the most basic. If you happen to use one, then there’s a possibility that you don’t use many clubs. Whether you use 14 clubs or not, take a notepad to jot down how to organize it.

It again follows the same drill as other slots, yet you can organize it systematically despite fewer slots. Allocate the top-most slot for the longest clubs, which include Drivers and Woods.

4 Slot Golf Bag

You should keep Long Irons in the next and short ones in the following slot. The latest space is to store your driver and wood.

Thus, by arranging the clubs suitably, you complete an essential milestone in organizing a golf bag aptly. 

How To Organize A Golf Bag (Golf Apparel, Balls, Accessories, etc.)

An ideal golf bag setup is what will boost your confidence. Apart from golf clubs, there are other essentials and valuables also which you carry to the golf course.

Organizing Golf Accesories

After arranging the golf clubs, you would think of organizing the rest of the accessories the way they would fit in perfectly.

However, this is not how you should do it! There’s a proper approach that you should follow depending upon the ease of access and also which won’t damage any of your stuff. 

So, without any further ado, let’s check the details! 


Whether it be jerseys, polo t-shirts, golf tees, or similar clothing, there’s a dedicated full-length compartment in every golf bag for storing it.

Therefore, you should keep your golf apparel only in it and not elsewhere. This will prevent it from getting creased and ensure your golf bag retains its shape when full. 

Further, it’s essential that you carefully fold and adequately store your golf apparel in the full-length pocket to accommodate more when needed.

Golf Balls

Whenever going for a golf bag, ensure it has sufficient space and a dedicated pocket for keeping golf accessories other than clubs.

These include golf balls without which your golf game would be incomplete. 

Whether it be a cart, carry, or stand bag, every bag has extra space. Besides, it’s good practice to carry ten golf balls.

If your bag doesn’t have this space, then you must have a suitable sleeve to accommodate golf balls, which you can store in the golf bag. 

Golf Accessories and Other Valuables 

Apart from apparel, clubs, and balls, other golf essentials exist. Hence, you must organize it well into specific compartments and not randomly organize them. 

If you have a cart bag, it will give you numerous pockets to accommodate all your golf accessories and valuables.

Even if you don’t have it, you should carefully think about storing these accessories in a way that would make them easily accessible. 


In the scorching summer heat, you need ample glucose or juices to keep you hydrated and fresh. Even in other seasons, you need water or an energy drink to boost your energy. That’s where you would carry beverages.

Golf bags have an insulated pocket to keep your beverages, and the outside temperature won’t affect them.

Further, if you carry some multigrain biscuits, dry fruits, energy bars, or similar, you can accommodate them there.

Besides, for water bottles, ensure that your bottle size is appropriate according to the golf bag.

Further, while carrying beverages, it’s a precautionary measure to tightly bottle the cap and check that there’s no leakage to avoid a hassle.

Additional Stuff

Apart from these, you would have other things like a golf ball cleaner, a digital monitor, an umbrella, a golf club cleaner, and more.

Commonly, your golf bag won’t have enough space to carry them. In such a situation, you can buy golf clips to attach to your bag.

How To Arrange Your Golf Bag

For the first time when I learned about organizing the golf bag, I was pretty messed up.

It’s simply because there were so many things to keep in mind, right from the arrangement of golf clubs to other golf equipment and additional accessories.

It seemed like a game of chess which is complete to play and challenging to play with abiding rules.

Further, I calmed down my mind, jotted down everything, sipped some coffee, and organized everything orderly.

So, let’s embark on the journey of following a step-by-step approach to organizing a golf bag! 

Step 1: Empty The Golf Bag 

The first step is to begin from scratch, and hence you should empty everything from your golf bag. These include the most important clubs to the least important, like your watch and personal accessories.

Thus, you even get an idea if there’s anything that you no longer require. Besides, you can organize your bag without any confusion. It’s noteworthy that this step isn’t applicable if you have a new bag. 

Step 2: Accumulate And Inspect All The Contents Of The Bag

Next, you have to inspect all the contents of your golf bag carefully. This includes determining which is essential and usable and which is no longer needed, figuring out the damaged ones, etc.

Clubs, balls, and golf cleaners would be required, whereas broken equipment or an expired club membership card would be no longer needed. Accordingly, you can store them in your bag. 

Step 3: Clean All Your Equipment And The Golf Bag

I still remember how dirty my golf bag was when I was a novice playing the sport.

The second time I opened the bag, the sleeve, which had balls, had mud particles accumulated. I then developed a habit of cleaning the ball and putting it into my bag.

Therefore, it’s necessary to not only clean golf equipment but also clear off the dust particles from your bag. You can turn it upside down.

Next, you can check every pocket. If required, use a small vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from it. Further, you can use ethyl alcohol to clean it or use a wet cloth.  

Step 4: Now Arrange The Golf Clubs

The arrangement of golf clubs is what determines your gaming efficiency. It should be such that the clubs don’t collide with each other and none of them gets damaged. Moreover, they should be easily accessible during the game whenever required.

Putters are one of the essential clubs, and you should keep them on the front side, away from the straps.

It provides ease of accessibility, and since putters are shorter, therefore, these clubs won’t collide with each other. Similarly, drivers and woods go along as they are smaller in size. 

If you have a 14-slot bag, you have one slot for each club. If not, you can put putters in one slot and drivers and woods in another. However, if there are 4 slots in your golf bag, there’s no separate section for the putter.

Further, store the longer ones like Woods and Long Irons in the backside of the bag (near straps). Mid-length clubs would be in the middle slots as per their lengths.

Whether it’s a 4-slot bag or a 14-slot bag, there’s a common drill in each of them without any exception. 

You have to arrange the golf clubs such that longer ones should be at the back to smaller ones at the front. Besides, a thing that I love about my 14-slot bag is that it gives me a separate slot for each of my clubs. Thus, it becomes simpler to arrange clubs. 

Step 5 – Organize All Other Accessories 

Golf bags have front and side pockets, yet you shouldn’t accommodate things in a randomized manner. One mistake I made was putting my gloves, golf balls, and watch all in one pocket.

There were no other accessories, so I didn’t use the front pocket, saving space. Hence, it became difficult to access my golf balls at the course when it was required. 

No wonder it was an eye-opener to why veterans use front and side pockets differently. That’s when I changed my practice. You should store your essential accessories like balls, gloves, and tees in the front pockets to find them easily while playing.

At the same time, you should keep your valuables like club membership cards, caps, shades, and valet in the back pockets, which aren’t required much during the game. 


If you were looking for how to organize a golf bag perfectly, you would have got your answer! The first step is to remove all the equipment from your bag, Categorize each of them, and clean your bag and its components. 

Next comes the essential part of arranging golf clubs in a bag, wherein you must follow the drill of longer at the back and shorter at the front.

Next, organize your essential golf accessories in the front pocket, while the non-essential ones should be in the side pockets.

Ta-daa, your golf bag is ready for the game, so Hakuna-Matata!

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