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How To Spin A Golf Ball: Pro Tips For Maximum Control

Author: Larissa Allard

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

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Achieving a more excellent score in golf is what most of you would aim for! There are several tips, tricks, and strategies to do so, yet I believe spinning a golf ball is one of the best methods to achieve it.

This is because it gives me greater control over the ball, helps me avoid obstacles, and can shape the shots the way I prefer. Consequently, the club strikes the ball more accurately, and voila, it helps me score my best!

Executing it doesn’t seem easy at first; I can resonate with it as I have been through the same. Yet, with my years of experience, I’ve nailed these shots.

So, if you are one such beginner who has started and is wondering how to spin a golf ball, I have covered you all with it!


  • You must choose a lofted club and a soft compression golf ball, as it would significantly impact your ability to generate spin.
  • You must make sure to place the ball slightly ahead of the center to achieve a descending strike.
  • Keep your swing steeper, with a more vertical path, and maintain a straight clubface to generate more spin on the ball.

What Is Backspin?

Backspin in golf refers to the backward rotational movement of the golf ball around a horizontal axis parallel to the ground. It makes the ball travel higher and faster and gets it closer to the hole.

In backspin, the golf ball does not hit the ground with a thud and lands softly at one spot with a lesser chance of bouncing back.

Therefore, backspin is generally preferred when spinning a golf ball due to its aim, accuracy, and control.

How To Generate Backspin?

When trying to learn and spin a golf Ball, the best practice is to use a backspin for greater precision. 

Besides, generating normal spin, specifically backspin in golf, involves similar techniques and elements. The only differences fall in club selection, clubface positioning, and the desired swing path.

Backspin is typically associated with controlled loft, a slightly open clubface, and a more focused effort to create a steeper attack angle with a full finish for maximum spin.     

How To Spin A Golf Ball With Correct Swing? 

You must ensure several things for an effective spin, which you must take care of before beginning the game.

It’s not only about the correct way of practicing but also about your clubs, course, ball positions, and various other things. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details!

1. Examine The Grass

The golf course’s grass should be well-maintained and trimmed to a specific height.

Shorter grass allows smoother ball movements on the fairways and greens. This prevents the chances of the grass catching the golf ball and clubs. 

One such spot on the golf course is the fairways! It has a shorter grass length and offers minimal obstruction and contact with the ball.

Consequently, the ball won’t stay on the grass longer. Thus, your ball would spin, and the ball wouldn’t deviate its path.

2. Choose The Correct Golf Ball

Regular golf balls come in two types: softcore and hardcore. It is easier to spin with a soft-core ball as it will grip your club better and create a smooth spinning effect. Thus, it’s perfect for backspin.

Further, softcore balls have a lower compression rating, typically below 90. Compression means how much the golf ball compresses when struck by a clubface.

Soft Compression Golf Ball For Spin

Lower compression balls compress more quickly and are better for golfers with lower swing speeds.

In comparison, hardcore golf balls have higher compression ratings of 100 and similar. This makes them suitable only for greater distances.

3. Select The Apt Golf Club

Prioritize lofted clubs, like iron, wedges, or loft wedges with a height of not more than 7-iron.

Loft refers to the angle of the clubface relative to the vertical plane that helps determine how high and far the ball will travel when struck with a particular club. 

A club with a greater loft would hit the back side of the ball, thus bouncing it in the air with a greater spin. Lessen using a flat club face for spins as it launches the ball lower, reducing the chances of spin.

The greater distance in the clubs between the loft and the angle of attack of the clubhead increases the golf ball’s spin.

4. Proper Ball Position

Place the golf ball slightly ahead, like in the center of your stance. By placing the ball in a deeper stance, the club will contact the golf ball on a downward angle.

Placing your ball 1 inch or so toward your back foot is usually adequate for spinning a golf ball.

5. Full Swing Technique 

Make a controlled and balanced strike by maintaining a good posture and ensuring a descending strike. You need clubhead speed and a downward strike.

Compressing the ball against the club face and striking the golf ball before you hit the ground will help create a proper spin.

6. Attempt To Make A Shallow Divot 

In a shot with a steep attack angle, you will likely dig into the turf and form a divot.

While executing a spin on a golf ball, create a shallow and relatively short divot because if the angle to the approach is extra sharp, it can negatively impact the spin.

7. Slightly Open The Clubface

To add more loft to your club, turn the clubface slightly open so the ball goes up and spins.

8. Maintain A Good Follow Through 

Low your club to follow through after striking the ball by keeping the wrists straight. Maintaining the correct position of your wrists through the ball’s impact is vital for consistent ball spin.

It’s important to understand that you may not get the perfect shot at once, but with consistent practice, you can ace in spinning the golf ball.

Here are some more essential basics so that you can understand how to turn a golf ball in different ways and get a chance to upgrade your golf game.

9. Grooves

You would have observed tiny channels on your golf foot called grooves. Yet a few of us know what its purpose is.

Grooves are essential to eliminate dirt, dust, grass, and moisture from the golf ball upon impact; consequently, the club grips better. With such a grip, your golf ball can easily spin upon a swing.

Clean Grooves of Iron Club For Backspin

Therefore, check that the grooves are clean and sharp for effectiveness. In contrast, if the grooves are worn out, you cannot spin the ball, and the ball will grip adequately. 

To sum up, use cleaner clubs as they are more likely to have proper grooves. Otherwise, if you have an obsolete club, then consider replacing it. 

10. Angle Of Attack

The direction in which your golf club goes after hitting the ball is known as the Angle of Attack. Leveraging it the right way is essential for getting a proper spin.

Therefore, swing your club more vertically, like a steep downhill swing. Doing so would lead to greater spin in the ball.

Angle of Attack

Notably, while doing so, you would see that the club digs a bigger piece of grass or turf (divot); the more accurate it is, the more spin you would generate. 

Further, ensure the clubface is straight instead of titled for effective backspin and to prevent sideways spin. So, swing steeply for more spin and ensure your club face is straight when you hit the ball.

11. Swing Speed 

Swing speed, as the name implies, is about how fast your club moves upon hitting the ball. Ensure to hit it faster (but not harder) for greater spin.

Besides, when you want to swing the ball when it’s closer to the green (at least 100 years away), then the rule is slightly different.

In the above case, you have to hit the ball with a substantial speed so it goes higher in the air and spins appropriately. However, for distances shorter than this speed, it’s challenging to spin and should be avoided for better scores.

Wrap Up

If you are pursuing becoming a better golfer, it’s essential to ace up spin shots. My guide about how to spin a golf ball can be better utilized only if implemented from tip to toe.

Remember, before beginning the game to after the ball lands following a swing, there are several prerequisites you must ensure!

Further, various spin techniques exist, yet “backspin” is the best due to greater control and accuracy. Yet, consistent efforts from your end are equally essential, so you must practice it frequently.

Besides, you should execute different drills for a more effective backspin for better results.

Good luck, Golfers!

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